Wild Fibers 2018


Wild Fibers 2018 issue – 15th Anniversary Issue

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Wild Fibers 2018 issue – 15th Anniversary Issue
     Travel to South Georgia, a British overseas territory on the outskirts of the Antarctic penninsula, and learn about Lord Somerville’s efforts to spin seal wool into luxury shawls during the late 1700s. His unyielding dedication ultimately landed him in debtor’s prison.
    Madagascar is one of the top twelve poorest countries in the world. More than 90% of its landscape has been decimated by slash-and-burn agriculture, destroying not only vital lemur habitat, but the native silkworm as well, which plays a critical role in Malagasy funereal customs. 
Pangong Craft Center co-founder, Linda Cortright, spends one week, conducting a training at the center. Since the center opened its doors four years ago, this extraordinary group of women young and old, all from a semi-nomadic background of cashmere and yak producers, have honed their skills to spin beautiful cashmere. The next step  . . . learning to make hand knit cashmere garments.  
   The Livestock Conservancy is launching a new program to help save nearly 20 endangered sheep breeds by partnering farmers with fiber artists. Professional and amateur designers alike are invited to participate in Shave ’em to Save ’em.​
Publisher: Wild Fibers Magazine, September 2018
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