Sacred Trees Pattern #23 *SALE ITEM*

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Sacred Trees Schoolhouse Pattern #23

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Sacred Trees (SPP 23)
Ron Schweitzer
Sacred Trees is the second pattern in Ron Schweitzer’s Remembered Voices collection, a spectacular Fair Isle pullover in a rich pallet of 11 Shetland shades.
Ron writes: “The design stimulus for this series is the art, the rituals, and the lives of indigenous Americans and their ancestors from North, Central and South America. They all lived in harmony with the natural world, and drew their livelihood from the land, the elements, animals, plants, and trees. Beliefs that certain trees are portals for spirit energy are central to many Native American civilizations. To the Salish Nation of the Pacific Northwest, the Arbutus tree was sacred; Mayan culture considered the Ceiba tree central to their mythology and cosmology; and the Aztecs venerated the Copal tree, whose wood provided incense believed to be the ‘scent of heaven’. Sacred Trees captures the essence of these and similar beliefs using 11 colors of Spindrift Shetland Wool and an allover tree motif I developed from Celtic artwork.”


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