PLY Summer 2015 – Fine Issue #9


PLY Magazine, Summer 2015 – Fine Issue #9

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PLY Magazine, Summer 2015 – Fine Issue #9
There is a skill and a beauty in being able to produce a fine handspun yarn. Many spinners spend their fibery life in pursuit of spinning such a yarn. Whether it’s a lifelong goal or just another thing to learn, the Summer 2015 issue of PLY is full of the stuff you want to know – tips, tricks, and techniques to help you get your yarn thinner and thinner. How do you adjust your wheel for the finest yarn? How do the different drafts measure up when it comes to getting as thin as you can? What about different fibers? Different fiber preparations? Our spinners and writers have lots of answers to the hows and even the whys! Carson will tell you how to keep strong while spinning thin, Franklin’s Lazy Kate will make you smile, and the projects will keep you casting on all summer. Plus, this may be the most beautiful PLY yet, a refined design and gorgeous photos will make you want to come back to this issue over and over again!
Publisher:  Jacey Boggs, PLY Magazine, Jun 2015
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