PLY Autumn 2015 – Texture Issue #10


PLY Magazine, Autumn 2015 – Texture Issue #10

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PLY Magazine, Autumn 2015 – Texture Issue #10
Spinning is such a tactile craft and spinners are tactile people. The Autumn 2015 issue of PLY Magazine turns that up a notch and explores the world of textured spinning. Divided into 7 stimulating sections, texture through preparation, texture through core spinning, texture through inspiration, texture on a spindle, texture through plying, knitting with texture, and weaving with texture, this issue covers just about everything you might want to know about texture. It’s got ancient history and that history re-imagined; it’s got wild and crazy and sweet and subtle; it’s got big voices in the textured world and new but knowledgeable ones; it’s got wire and seeds and tweed and coils; it’s also got a whole section devoted to doing all the textural tricks on a spindle; finally, it’s got projects. As usual Carson keeps us stretching and in shape and Franklin reminds us to never take ourselves too seriously. This issue will make you smile and it’ll make you want to spin. It’s also just plain gorgeous.
Publisher:  PLY Magazine, September 2015
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