PLY Autumn 2014 – Community Issue #6


PLY Magazine Autumn 2014 – Community Issue #6

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PLY Magazine Autumn 2014: Community issue #6
Spinning is all about community!  I mean, it’s about the joy of creating yarn as well, but it’s about community for sure.  We thought we’d take an issue to celebrate the amazing spinning community.  This issue is full of spinners and their stories.  Read about people collaborating on projects, working together, reaching out and spreading the love of spinning.  Immerse yourself in Shetland sheep and the communities that support and strengthen it.  Learn how to talk about spinning, how to spin to spec, and how to perfectly pair your fiber to your spindle.  Need help figuring out how to throw a fiber event or get started vending your own wooly products? We’ve got that too! Robyn Love takes spinning to the subway, Helen Dyer tells us about spinners on Tilting of Fogo, Kyle Kunnecke tells us about the men of spinning, and Amanda Hartrich explains some of the spinning-centric community evens on  There are things to make you laugh, things to make you cry, and as usual, things to make you spin better, longer, and with more comfort (thanks again to Carson Demers).  We are spinners, we are the world!
Publisher: PLY Magazine, September 2014
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