Osage Orange Sawdust 100g


Osage Orange Sawdust 100 gram package

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Osage Orange Heartwood Sawdust –  100 gram package
Produces bright shades of yellow, gold & orange

“Osage Orange” is an American relative of the Mulberry.  It’s wood is yellow like Fusticwood, and is an equally good dye. The strength is less, so expect to use about twice what is called for with Fusticwood.  An All American product, wildcrafted in the mid-western and southern states where it is abundant in woodlots and forests.
Using a fine sawdust allows for a dye vat that fully extracts in 1/2 hour.  The brightest Yellows can be achieved with Tin mordant.  For a regular yellow use Alum mordant and for Green use Iron Mordant.


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