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Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel


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Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel (pictured in Clear finish above)

The Sonata
From the Kromskis of Poland, the Sonata is a marriage between the classic architecture and design concepts shared with all other Kromski wheels and the functional needs of a wheel that folds. You get both.

The Sonata is a full-size spinning wheel that folds and packs away as a small package, making it perfect for traveling, guild and festival gatherings or simply storage when not in use. The Kromskis have put a lot of thought into the Sonata. Full size yet small dimensions when folded, easy to set-up and take down, solid feel, solid footprint, plenty of foot room, easy treadling on double treadles, orifice at a comfortable, and adjustable, height and classic looks. Spokes that draw your attention, every piece of wood with cuts, curves and character; this is an appealing spinning wheel that is a pleasure to use.

A custom-made, heavily padded bag offering you a convenient way to pack-up your Sonata for travel or storage is included with your purchase of a Kromski Sonata.


Padded Bag for Sonata – included with your purchase of a Sonata Wheel

This is the way to treat your Sonata. This heavy duty, padded bag will protect your wheel when folded. Whether you are storing it at home or traveling across the country, rest assured that all is well. The folded Sonata fits firmly on extra heavy base pads and the flyer has a padded mitten that slips over it for added protection. All sides have thick, stiff padding. The bag is durable with heavy zippers, convenient handles and shoulder straps. The pouch on the outside holds any extras and the Sonata loads and unloads very quickly.


Optional flyers can add to the total range of the Sonata. The Jumbo flyer offers lower ratios and a larger orifice – .70″ – and the Faster flyer increases the ratio range up to 18:1.

Additional specifications:
• wheel diameter – 19″ • folded dimensions: 22″ by 19″ • orifice height – 30″, but can be raised as much as 2″; size – 3/8″ • bobbins: 3 included; will fit all other Kromski wheels; Kromski regular bobbins have yarn capacity that is 50% greater than many other popular wheel bobbins; a plus for any spinner • single drive with Scotch tension • also includes threading hook, attached Lazy Kate and bottle of spinning wheel oil; uses an elastic drive band • Ratios: 6.7, 12.5, 14 to 1; see optional Jumbo and Faster flyers below for other ratio ranges. • ball bearings on wheel crank; flyer bearings are custom designed injection molded parts engineered by the Kromskis for excellent performance. • weight – 11.5 lbs.
Available with a clear, mahogany or walnut factory finish.  Also available Unfinished by special order.

Sonata Jumbo Flyer – includes flyer, front maiden post and 1 jumbo bobbin; add range to your Sonata in terms of speed and type of yarn you can spin (and ply). Ratios of 5, 7.5 and 10 to 1. Orifice size: .7″.

Sonata Faster Flyer (uses your regular bobbins); add high-end range to your wheel with ratios of 12, 16 and 18 to 1.

SONATA, Mahogany finish                                         SONATA, Walnut Finish

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