Kromski Harp Stand


Kromski Harp Stand

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Kromski Harp Stand
Harp Floor Stand
For those weavers that do not want to hold their Harp in the traditional manner (back end propped against a table or desk edge), the Kromskis now have a beautiful floor stand. All the pieces have been turned so there is shape and contours to everything, making for a striking piece of woodworking. And note some of the features: your warping board pegs (these come with the loom) can be used as ledges on either side of the loom to hold shuttles, hold yarn or to keep other supplies handy. The remaining warping board pegs can be conveniently stored at the back of the loom. Use the stand for weaving, yes, but also for warping, and for storage (your Harp can be folded on the stand so it takes up less space). We are sure weavers will find even more ingenious ways to use the Harp floor stand. Here we offer advice on whether you should get a stand.

AVAILABLE FOR ALL 4 Harp Loom sizes: 8″, 16″, 24″ and 32″
The 16” stand can also be used with the Fiddle loom (now discontinued).

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