Corriedale Roving Sample Pack – Bright (Ashford)


Corriedale Roving Sample Pack – Bright (Ashford)

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Corriedale  Roving Sample Pack – Bright (Ashford)
Directly from Ashford’s own woollen mill in New Zealand, this sample pack of bright Corriedale colours allows fibre artists to feel the quality and experiment with the colour range. 
21 colours, 40gm each – total 840gm (Approx)
Micron 27-30, Staple length approx. 11cm (4¼ins)
Corriedale wool has a defined, even crimp and is smooth and easy to spin or felt. You can spin a fine to medium woollen, worsted or semi-worsted yarn. Corriedale will bulk after washing and has good elasticity. It is ideal for baby wear, woven, knitted or crocheted garments


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