Butterfly Vest Pattern #1 *SALE ITEM*

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Butterfly Vest Schoolhouse Pattern #1

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Butterfly Vest (SPP 1)
Elizabeth Zimmermann
EZ’s Butterfly Jacket was first published in McCalls Needlework in 1956. Meg re-knitted the design in Ultra Alpaca and Unspun Icelandic, giving full instructions in Wool Gathering #78 (Spring 2008) for the 50th year anniversary of Schoolhouse Press. The Wool Gathering issue sold out quickly and we’re happy to be able to introduce our line of patterns with this lovely Elizabeth Zimmermann garment. EZ’s intitial article in McCall’s was accompanied by her Ribwarmer and the manner of construction in each design is related. (We show the Butterfly being knitted on the Ribwarmer DVD.) 4 pages. 


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