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Ashford Spindles

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Top Whorl Spindles from Ashford
Now available in five sizes!
These spindles are well balanced, have strong spring wire hooks bent to help keep your yarn from arcing out of the hook. The long shafts help to balance the spindle and allow for “down the thigh” propulsion for high speed spinning.
The spindles are lightly finished with lacquer.
Available in five sizes:
– 90mm (3¾ins), 80gm (2¾ozs) – 80mm (3⅛ins), 50gm (1¾ozs) – 70mm (2¾ins), 35gm (1¼ozs) – 60mm (2⅜ins), 20gm (¾oz) – 50mm (2ins), 15gm (½oz)
Student Top Whorl Drop Spindle is reasonably priced and ideal for teachers needing spindles for teaching. Unfinished
Size: 80mm (3 1/8″)      Weight: 65 grams (2 1/4 oz.)
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